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A Procrastinator’s Guide To Get Things Done

When it comes to removing unwanted junk or trash, we face with a common foe: procrastination. And, when procrastination gets in the way, people freeze and nothing gets done. If you’re a procrastinator,  you’ve got to snap out of that habit, and start getting things done. Don’t put off to tomorrow, what you can do today. Trust us, getting rid of that clutter will feel way better than procrastination does.

4 Ways to Get Things Done for Procrastinators

There is no shortage of distractions to pull your attention away from what you want to accomplish. If you let these distractions control you, you’ll find yourself making very slow progress in your life and goals. Here are four ways that you can start getting more done.

1. Stop Making Excuses – Excuses are easy to come by when you need them. It’s easier to say you don’t have time or energy to do things you must do or have been telling yourself you want to do, but you never make progress by making excuses. If you’re tired after a day of work, it’s normal to take some time to relax. Instead of relaxing until you go to bed, use an hour or two to get things done. Whether you have chores to do or a dream to chase, you can make the time if you really want to accomplish things.

2. Limit the Small Talk – If you indulge everyone you know in small talk, you will waste many hours of your day and get very little out of it. Discussing the weather day after day is uninteresting unless you’ve been hit with a foot of snow or a tornado. Texting someone about your every move throughout the day is also a waste of time. Even if someone cares enough to know, if it’s not very interesting, you don’t need to spend your time updating someone every ten minutes. If someone is constantly texting you with pointless updates, don’t encourage them by acting interested.

3. Get Rid of Clutter The truth about clutter is that it can take up valuable time each day. When you do your regular cleaning and tidying, it will only add time to what you’re trying to accomplish. Stop working around clutter and moving it around and get rid of it once and for all. By doing this your cleaning time will be shortened every day. Clutter is generally things you don’t use or want anymore anyway, so taking the time to remove it from your home will free up a lot of space as well as time in the long-run.

4. Make a To-Do List – Before you sleep each night make a list of things you want to accomplish the next day. Don’t make it an overwhelming list. Decide one or two big things you’d like to accomplish and a handful of smaller items. Once you start crossing items off your to-do list, you will be inspired to do more. Sometimes you need to tackle a couple small tasks to build up momentum.

 A Procrastinator’s Guide – Conclusion

Being productive is possible for anyone who wants to be. It does require a certain amount of willpower to avoid distractions, but when you want something badly enough, you will do whatever it takes. By starting to build new habits little by little, you will find yourself getting more done and wasting less time.

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