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Clutter Removal in Denver – Year End Tips for Junk Removal

People normally perform clutter removal in Denver several times throughout the year. We let items accumulate, and then we let the local trash removal service haul them away. However, for some, it is an uphill battle to get rid of items we will never use again.

New Year’s Resolutions

We all know what happens to our New Year’s resolutions. We celebrate each New Year’s Eve with talk about a fresh start for the next year and make a toast a promise to our list of goals. Unfortunately, we all know how that ends up. We seldom stick to our resolutions. If we were going to diet, that usually lasts a week or two. We manage to go to the gym for about a month and a half, and then we never use the rest of our membership, even though we might have paid six months in advance.

Why not begin your de-cluttering resolutions in advance? Why wait for the ball to drop in Times Square to shout out your resolutions like incantations while facing the east? Start now and prove that you mean what you say!

Year End Clutter Removal Tips

In some countries in South America, the residents end the year by painting their houses and cleaning out all of their junk right before the new year. That way on New Year’s Day, their homes look fantastic. Here are some tips how you can do the same.

Get Your Kids to Help –School is out for Christmas holidays, and usually after a few days, kids are beginning to get bored and restless. Why not get them to help you pack up and remove unwanted clutter and other items from your home? Imagine the entire family participating in something together. Some of your kids might see this as work, so you might have to bribe them with a few extra bucks. However, if that is what it takes to get them to help, you should try and do it.

Donate Usable Items – The entire Christmas and holiday season is supposed to be about giving. Remember, there are a good number of people in the United States who are doing without during this time of year. Charities are a reasonable option, and you should give what you can to them. However, another idea would be to approach some homeless people you see out in the cold and give them items they need directly.

We still give and get new clothes at Christmas? Do we need 20 shirts in our closet? We continue to accumulate clothes, and we hardly ever use the old ones. Give them to those who will use them and need them.

We often look at the homeless as if they are invisible. We sometimes pretend not to see the homeless sleeping wrapped up with newspapers and cardboard boxes. Be kind and give them your extra winter coats, blankets, sweaters, and even shoes that you no longer use. Your extra clutter could save someone’s life on a cold winter’s night.

Recycle –Coloradans take pride in the environment. Most of us know that we should recycle everything we can, instead of tossing it in the trash. When extra items pile up in your home and garage, we occasionally get too lazy and store them. Make sure they get recycled.

Give Old Books and Magazines to Your Library – Most of us do everything online these days. We seldom pick up a book or magazine anymore, because we can read most of it online. There are still some people who love the feel of touching and turning pages and reading something in their hands. Some people also like the atmosphere of libraries (I do). So, donate any books or magazines that you know you will never read again. That way, you’re passing on that written knowledge to others for free, and you are gaining back valuable space in your home or apartment.

Contact a Junk Removal Company – If you have too many items to remove and you can’t do it yourself, or just don’t feel like you have the time or patience to remove them, contact a junk removal company in Denver. Clutter Trucker has nearly a decade of experience tackling those heavy-duty junk and trash removal jobs. We have seen it all, and we have perhaps moved just about everything you can imagine from people’s homes. Although each situation is different, one thing remains the same at the end. The look of happiness and relief on home owner’s faces. That tells the whole story.

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