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Mattress Removal & Disposal in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Nearby

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For better or worse, mattresses are not manufactured to last forever. At some point in the future, 5 to 10 years, you will likely find yourself looking to buy a new one. After all, you don’t want to restrict yourself to sleeping on an old and lumpy mattress because of a few dollars.

When it comes time to say goodbye to the old mattress and hello to the new, you will find yourself having to figure out how to get rid of the mattress one. If you have a king or queen-size mattress, you might find yourself facing the reality that mattress disposal is going to be a bit more challenging than you thought.

Is It Time for a New Mattress?

Buying a new mattress might not fit your budget at this time. If that were to be the case, you might want to use some discretion before you start mattress shopping. How do you know when it’s time to buy a new mattress? Here are some suggestions:

  • Anything over 8 years old needs replacing
  • Noisy with body movements
  • Sinks with weight distribution
  • Provides uneven body support
  • Unwanted odors
  • Not producing a good night of sleep
mattress disposal and removal

Mattress Disposal Alternatives

As you contemplate what to do with your old mattress, you’ll soon realize your options are limited. With your mind on the environment, you’ll want to find an environmentally friendly option if possible.

Realistically, you will have three primary mattress removal alternatives: donation, recycling, and hiring a professional junk removal company like Clutter Trucker.

  • Mop surface areas, especially hard floors
  • Vacuum every floor area, hard or carpeted
  • Empty trash container and add liners
  • Wipe with damp cloth all hard surfaces
  • Polish any bright items, brass, and metal
  • Clean all flat surfaces, especially glass and metal
  • Do spot-cleaning on painted areas and walls
  • Wipe down light switches and door knobs/handles with disinfectant
  • Wipe down fixtures
  • Sanitize basins
  • Clean restroom floors, mirrors, toilets, sinks and dividers
  • Disinfect all restroom and break room surfaces
  • Reload soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers
  • Remove debris from floor that is too large for vacuum


In case you are wondering, donating a mattress is very feasible. Of course, the condition of your mattress will certainly warrant consideration. As long as the mattress is in good condition and reasonably clean (no ugly stains), there are quite a few organizations that might be interested.

The primary candidates would be retirement homes and homeless shelters. If by chance you reach a licensed nonprofit organization, your donation might be tax-deductible based on the fair market value of the mattress in its current condition.


Mattresses are made with a lot of materials that could be reusable. In such cases, mattress recycling makes a lot of sense. The materials that lend themselves best to recycling include the frame, steel springs, mattress stuffing, and some fabrics. If interested in recycling your mattress, you should contact one of the local recycling centers in Denver, Colorado Springs, or other outlying areas. By the way, repurposing might also be possible to the creative mind.

For what it’s worth, any kind of recycling is a good choice for the environment. It helps decrease the expenditure of resources at manufacturing plants and the strain put on the area’s natural resources.

Hiring a Junk Disposal Company

If your mattress is dirty and arguably unusable, the only remaining choices are finding a way to dispose of the mattress yourself or hiring a junk disposal company.

mattress disposal

We’ll assume that doing the work yourself creates too many issues. It would require you to expend a good amount of your valuable time looking for a landfill and finding a vehicle in or on which to transport the mattress. The bigger the mattress, the bigger your disposal issues.

A far better option would be the hiring of a professional junk removal company. With the help of a junk removal company, your mattress disposal effort would be a lot more convenient and less stressful.

Dispose of your old mattress with Clutter Trucker

Clutter Trucker is in the business of helping customers dispose of junk and things they no longer want. We also provide a wide range of clean-up services.

As for helping dispose of mattresses, we offer an experienced team of highly trained junk removalist. The advantage we offer is the ability to properly help you determine the best way to deal with your mattress issue. If we believe your mattress is suitable for donation or recycling, we’ll tell you so. We might even be able to offer you good leads to charities or recycling centers.

If complete disposal is the best option, we can handle that for you. We have the transport vehicle and know exactly where to take your junk. For you, it would be a seamless process that takes no more than a few minutes of your time.

How our service works

If you are interested in having Clutter Trucker help you dispose of your mattress, you can call our toll-free number or visit our website. Reminder: We serve Denver, Arvada, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Littleton, Boulder and nearby.

Once you contact us, we will schedule one of our top junk removal team members to visit your location for a possible mattress pick up. They will immediately assess the situation and provide you with a price quote. The quote will be competitive, fair, and affordable. If you like our price and give us a green light, we’ll take that mattress for disposal on the spot.

While our team members are on your property or in your house, you can rest assured they will be courteous and professional. After removing the mattress and before leaving, they will make sure they clean up the areas in which they worked. At all times, they will show great respect for your home and personal assets.

When you are ready to go, please give us a call. We’ll respond as quickly as possible and offer the professional junk removal services you deserve.