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Commercial Junk Removal and Types of Office Junk

Office furniture removal

The nature, composition, and accumulation of office junk differ from the waste in residential properties. For this reason, how you handle them also differ. You need to know the different types of office junk because it will help you understand how to plan for proper disposal. Below OmniKey Realty explains the basic types of office junk.

Types of Office Junk

Broken or obsolete office furniture

Over time or following prolonged usage, office furniture breaks down, becomes unusable, and requires replacement. Sometimes, they may not break down but have become outdated. Such items will require office furniture removal.

Also, if you are relocating to a new office, you will need a commercial junk removal company’s services. That is because of the following reasons:

  • Office junk removal is a tedious process.
  • Old furniture requires environmentally friendly disposal.
  • Some furniture consists of different materials like plastic, fabrics, woods, and metals. The various components will require separation before recycling.

Damaged or old office computers

old office computers

Broken or old computers also constitute office junk. There are different methods of handling this type of trash instead of dumping them at the waste sites. That is because some components of the computer will cause environmental pollution if you dispose of them inappropriately.

You could repurpose them, salvage some parts, or recycle the components. Commercial junk removal of broken office computers will involve some useful stages that entail recovering and reusing the functioning parts of the computer.

Damaged or outdated office printers

Printers still retain some useful components even when they break down. Most of them contain cadmium, chromium, lead, lithium, mercury, and radioactive materials. Even when the printers are no longer functioning, you should not dispose of them recklessly. The components can be very harmful to the environment.

Recently, the recycling of printers is becoming very common. A lot of companies now source parts for new gadgets from old or broken printers.

Unwanted office pallets

Unwanted office pallets

Most offices have pallets for proper support, handling, transportation, or storage of goods. The majority of these pallets are wooden, but some are plastic, metal, steel, paper, or recycled materials.

With time, the pallets may no longer be useful after serving their purpose, or they may break down. Pallets are large and space consuming. When they become junk, you will need to dispose of them and reclaim space for your office. Commercial junk removal companies know how to handle and dispose of your office pallet properly.

Obsolete or broken office electronics

The electronics in offices become outdated or broken over time and will require disposal. You cannot just throw them in the waste bin. Instead, you will require professional office junk removal. That is because almost all electronics have components that are not biodegradable. As such, they are not environmentally friendly and will need recycling.

Why you need commercial junk removal

commercial junk removal

Are you moving offices or rearranging your office to create more space for your expanding business? You will need to conduct some office junk removal. To carry out this process, you will need the services of a commercial junk removal company. 

That is because of the following reasons:

  • To prevent injuries: Some office furniture can be bulky or have sharp ends. During office junk removal, you or your employee can sustain injuries. But hiring the services of a commercial junk removal company will prevent you from sustaining injuries. They also have experts who have training in office junk removal.
  • For proper removal of junk: Commercial junk removal companies possess the necessary equipment for junk removal. With their equipment, they can lift and package office junk no matter the weight.
  • Saves money: If you or your employee sustain injuries during the process of removing junk by yourself, you will spend extra money on treatment. But these professionals have insurance that will compensate for injuries or damage to properties if it occurs.
  • Recycling: Professional office furniture removal also involves the recycling of junk. Commercial junk removal companies can buy your office junk, recycle, refurbish, and reuse them. It all depends on the type of junk.
  • Proper disposal of office junk: Some office junk can be highly toxic to the environment. For that, you don’t dump them at any waste disposal site. Office furniture removal professionals can identify such items and dispose of them properly to prevent environmental pollution.

In a nutshell: Types of Office Junk

Types of Office Junk

Office junk differs from junk in residential properties. Thus, it is reasonable to handle them differently.

You need to know the different types of office junk because it will help you understand how to plan for proper disposal. Below are the basic types of office junk:

  • Broken or obsolete office furniture
  • Damaged or old office computers
  • Unwanted office pallets
  • Damaged or outdated office printers
  • Outdated or broken office electronics

You need to hire the services of commercial junk removal companies if you want to save money, prevent injuries, recycle office junk. These professionals assist in proper removal and proper disposal of office junk.