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What to Do With Old TVs

What to Do With Old TVs

Americans are very fond of making sure they have the latest and greatest electronic devices. That includes bigger and better TVs that come to market with new fun and exciting features. The problem everyone faces when they are ready for a new TV is trying to figure out how to get rid of an old TV.

While there are several viable TV disposal options that are worthy of consideration, some of them make more sense than others. The best one would depend on each individual’s personal circumstances. We offer this look at what to do with the old TV.

Why is it So Hard to Get Rid of an Old TV?

On the surface, the notion of TV removal seems uncomplicated. Unfortunately, some things are not as simple as they might seem. Remember, some states have made it illegal to dump old TVs in landfills. Therein lies the problem. TV removal requires a look at the logistics of removing TVs while also looking at legal and environmental considerations.

It’s hard to get rid of old TVs for the following reasons:

  • Most trash disposal companies will refuse to pick up old TVs
  • Some TVs are made with hazardous materials like lead
  • Recycling TVs often requires taking the TV apart because of the various types of materials that are used in TV manufacturing
  • Consumers are reluctant to buy used TVs

Note: Mention was made above of the recycling option, which often requires disassembling the old TV. This is often deemed necessary because TVs are manufactured with materials like glass (lead), plastic, metal, and electrical wiring.

How to Dispose of Old TVs That Still Work

As indicated above, there are several ways you can get rid of your old TV or TVs. It’s up to you to decide which option will best serve your personal needs. Here are a few disposal options that are worthy of your consideration for TVs that still work.


If your TV is still working and in decent shape, you might want to consider donating to a needy family or charity. If you give it to a legal charity, the IRS will allow you to take a tax deduction equal to the “fair market value” of the TV.

Have a yard/garage sale

Back in days gone by, people use to dispose of their old furniture, electronic devices, and clothing by selling them as second-hand items in a yard sale. If this option is legal in your area, it is a viable way to get rid of a TV that still works.

Online sale or giveaway

If your old TV still looks good and works well, advertising the item online using a site like Craigslist makes sense. You would have the option of selling it or giving it away to anyone who wants to come pick it up.

What to Do With a Broken TV

What to Do With a Broken TV

If your TV is old, broken, and looking out of sorts, there won’t be much of a second-hand market for it. You’ll have to actually find a way to dispose of it. Here are a few disposal options you might want to consider.

Take it to a local e-waste recycling center

E-Waste recycling centers are almost always willing to take on old broken TVs. They usually have enough staffing and expertise to disassemble TVs and recycle the parts appropriately.

Give it to a retailer that accepts e-waste

If you are not sure where to find an e-waste recycling center, it’s possible one of the local retailers will help you. They are known to collect old TVs and send them off to recycling centers en masse.

See if the TV manufacturer will take it back

Every now and then, TV manufacturers will offer some trade-in value on old TVs. They might be willing to do this if there are parts they can reuse when manufacturing new TVs.

Call your waste department for pickup info

In a pinch, you can call your local waste management department. At a minimum, they should be able to recommend ideas on how to get rid of an old TV.

Bring it to an e-waste disposal day in your community

As a resident of Denver, you should have access to a community calendar. It could be they will be sponsoring special days when residents can bring in and safely dispose of their electronic devices.

Pay to have your TV hauled away

If you are busy and have some financial means, the best disposal option might well be calling a professional junk disposal company like Clutter Trucker.

Why Choose Clutter Trucker

Clutter Trucker team

Clutter Trucker has been serving as one of the top junk removal companies in Denver for years. We offer a full line of clean-up and junk removal services for both residences and commercial businesses.

Our goal is to respond to customer calls as quickly as possible. We offer fair and reasonable prices with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

For a reasonable fee, we can come and pick up your old TV and dispose of it in the best way possible. Yes, we would be mindful of the environment.

Eco-Friendly TV Recycling

At Clutter Trucker, we make sure that all recycling is done with an eye on protecting the environment. With TVs, that would entail its parts that can be recycled without harming the environment while disposing of hazardous materials as prescribed by the EPA.

How Our Service Works

Call us for an appointment in any of these cities: Denver, Arvada, Littleton, Castle Rock, Boulder and Colorado Springs as well as outlying areas. 

We’ll come out, offer a quote, and schedule a pickup.

After picking up your TV and upon leaving, we’ll leave the pickup area clean and dispose of the TV in the most responsible way possible.

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