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Electronics Disposal and Recycling

There is hardly any place on planet earth where people don’t rely on electronic devices. Even in third-world countries like the Philippines, there are over 300,000,000 mobile devices for a population of 105,000,000 people. While there are benefits to ever-changing technologies, there are also things that create problems. One of the world’s biggest issues related...

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Yard waste removal

Have you ever worked for hours to make your lawn, yard, bushes, and trees look fantastic, only to get a big letdown when discovering your trash hauler won’t accept any of the waste? You’re not alone. That very same thing happens to homeowners every day. And it’s happening more frequently. Why? Because many urban and...

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Refrigerator Removal and Disposal

A business owner in the Denver and Colorado Springs area has a commercial refrigerator in its cafeteria that he wants removed. A homeowner has an old freezer in the basement that she wants out of the house. Refrigerator removal and disposal is an important task that can occur in various ways and should work out...

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Trash Hauling Service in Colorado

Do you need help getting rid of junk, accumulated debris, old appliances, everyday trash, dilapidated sheds, broken concrete slabs, lawn clippings, leaves, dirt, construction debris, or any other unwanted item on your property? If so, Clutter Trucker has the team that can get the job done quickly and safely. From their headquarters offices in Denver...

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