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Children of Hoarders

Who Hoards, and Why? This post is not to be confused with the fantastic and very helpful online website titled Children of Hoarders (COH), but rather my observations in dealing with actual children of hoarders. Not many people know what goes on behind the closed doors of hoarders. However, because of the work we do...

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How to get rid of old furniture?

The Smartest Ways to Get Rid of Old Furniture Saying Goodbye to Old Furniture Last summer, I bought all new furniture for my home. That’s good news. The bad news is that we were forced to throw out most of the old stuff because it was either a), falling apart, or b) wouldn’t fit in...

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What is Recycling and Why Should We Recycle?

Doing Our Part for the Planet With growing awareness and concern about the environment and the impact of human activity on Earth, many of us are considering what more we can do. Many local governments offer recycle many items through pick-up services, along with the trash pick-up. Some areas have non-profit and other organizations that...

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Hoarding Help

The Do’s and Don’ts of Helping Hoarders If you’re working to help a loved one address a hoarding problem, it’s important to address the issue in an intentional and sensitive way. Although you may have initially approached the problem from of a place of concern, frustration, or even anger, the hoarding behavior can only be...

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What is Hoarding and What Can You Do About it?

What is Hoarding? More than just a subject of fascination on recent popular TV shows, hoarding is a disorder where a person finds extreme difficulty in throwing away or parting with certain items that others may view as having little or no worth. This excessive saving of items often leads to extreme accumulation of clutter...

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What Kind of Hoarder are You?

When many people think about hoarders, they envision homes stacked from floor to ceiling and wall to wall with every manner of debris and garbage a person can stuff into a given space. At its extreme, this is a realistic definition of hoarding. But, as with most everything in life, hoarders come in many degrees,...

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