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Collector or Hoarder? Hoarding Buried Alive – I Was Gonna Gag Episode

Floyd believes that everything he owns is a treasure that needs to be protected. This is how many hoarders think, so he isn’t alone.

Floyd is currently disabled from some of the back breaking jobs that he previously had. Like many others who hoard, Floyd began hoarding, because he was collecting items that he planned to later sell to make some money. However, bidding on too many storage units caused his place to be overloaded with more junk than he knew how to handle.

Floyd lives in a 2-bedroom mobile home with two very young kids. He feels that he is a collector and not a hoarder. The house smells horrible and he needs help.

Although, Floyd needs to wear a mask when changing his son’s diapers, because of the smell, he says that he has never noticed the strong odor of mold and mildew that dominates his house.

Sometimes, it takes the thought of losing kids and grand kids before some hoarders understand that they must make changes in their lives. Always remember that hoarding can be a very serious psychological disorder and sufferers usually need professional counseling.