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Hoarding Clean Up – Hoarding Buried Alive – Filling the Void

Hoarding Clean Up

It takes a lot of effort to mount a hoarding clean up. In addition to the mountains of clutter, you also need to deal with the mental state of the hoarder.

In this video, Charlotte has been a hoarder for more than 20 years. She enjoys nothing more than getting a bargain at thrift shops. She can spend up to 6 hours a day in these shops.

Her 2-bedroom home in Portland is so full of junk that she cannot get in through the front door.

In another story, Shelly’s husband and three kids have had it with her hoarding problem.

There is not enough room in the kitchen for all of them to eat at the same time. The rest of the house has no room for anything.

Her husband Gene feels that she’s being selfish and that everyone else in the house needs to comply to her demands. His patience has worn thin.

There is scientific evidence that proves that compulsive shoppers can experience a quick rise in brain chemicals when they know they’re going to purchase something. This is similar to the way an alcoholic feels when anticipating a drink.

Watch the video below to see this episode of Hoarding Buried Alive – Filling the Void

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