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Junk Hauling in Denver CO – Hoarding Buried Alive – Beyond Embarrassment

Junk Hauling

While we continue providing Junk Hauling in Denver CO, we often reflect on each job that we have completed. Hoarding is always the biggest issue in our profession. Once you’ve seen the house of a hoarder for the first time, it stays etched in your memory for years.

In this edition from the TV show, Hoarding Buried Alive, Beyond Embarrassment, Judy tries to keep her secret. She lives in a beautiful area of Atlanta. Her three-bedroom house sits at the end of the road, but not one space of her home is usable. When Judy was employed she was obsessive shopper and racked up thousands of dollars in credit card debts.

Jim lives in a tiny one-bedroom apartment. His problem began earlier as a youngster when he began hoarding comic books, and could never get rid of any of them. Jim has not been able to work for over ten years, because of his anxiety disorder. In addition, Jim has a obsessive compulsive disorder and needs to wash his hands more than 20 times a day. His situation became so bad that he felt it was best to move in with someone else in order to help keep his hoarding in check.

We face similar situations of hoarding in Denver on a daily basis. If you believe you have a hoarding problem, or you know someone who does, you might first try to get them some professional help, because it is a medical disorder. If the time comes that you need haul away all of that clutter, then contact Clutter Trucker today.