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Scrap Metal Pick Up  & Recycling

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In case you haven’t noticed before, a lot of things around you are made of metal to some degree. That includes common household goods like electronic devices, appliances, light fixtures, and even furniture (rod-iron anyone?). How about the piping that’s connected to your plumbing fixtures?

Like everything else, metal items wear down and wear out, becoming nothing more than scrap metal in the process. When it happens, it’s not always easy to dispose of certain items. That’s exactly why you should let a junk collection company like Clutter Trucker come to the rescue.

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Types of Metals We Pick Up

If it’s metal, there is a good chance we can take it off your hands. The types of metals we can handle on your behalf include:

We would be remiss to not address the types of metals we won’t be able to handle. That will include metals that are generally classified as hazardous materials. Our list of unacceptable metals includes mercury, lead, and uranium. The best way to dispose of items that potentially contain hazardous materials is to directly contact a scrap metal recycler.

Scrap Metal Pick Up  & Recycling

Go Green: All Metal Recycling in Denver

With a mindset toward environmental responsibility, it’s important for us all to understand that metals are not biodegradable. They can create issues for the environment if they are not handled and disposed of properly.

We should all focus on the concept of all metal recycling. That means finding a final resting place for any scrap metal that has outlived its usefulness. Since you probably have limited knowledge regarding metal recycling, your responsibility is to contact experts like Clutter Trucker or professional recyclers for the best courses of action.

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Why Choose Clutter Trucker?

Scrap Metal Pick Up Services

Choosing Clutter Trucker for your junk removal and clean-up needs is the right thing to do. Why? We have worked hard to create a strong reputation as one of the best junk removal companies in the DenverArvadaLittletonCastle RockBoulder and Colorado Springs as well as outlying areas. We’ll give you excellent customer service at prices that are hard to ignore. Be sure to ask about our customer satisfaction guarantee.

The Process of Our Scrap Metal Pick Up Services

Here is some step-by-step information about our scrap removal process:


Step 1:

You can start by contacting us for an appointment.


Step 2:

We’ll arrive at your appointed location at your appointed time ready to provide you with a scrap metal pick up quote.


Step 3:

After accepting our quote, we’ll arrange to have a crew come and remove all designated scrap metal.


Step 4:

After we complete the scrap removal process, we’ll make sure to leave the work area clean. It will then be on our shoulders to dispose of the scrap metal as we see fit.

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Our Pricing

Before we can give you a reasonable cost estimate for your scrap metal removal, we would need to know how much metal needs to be removed and how many crew members we feel would be necessary to do the job quickly and efficiently. The final cost can vary based on these criteria. What we can do is provide you with a free onsite, zero-obligation estimate. You are welcome to reach out to us at 720-982-7856 for an appointment.

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Why collect scrap metal?
You should focus on removing unwanted scrap metal to help the environment through recycling efforts.
Can I scrap old metal?
Yes. However, it can take time and effort to do this on your own because there are several things to consider. Your best option would be to contact a professional junk removal company like Clutter Trucker. If some items are old, we’ll be able to determine the best way to dispose of them on your behalf.
Which metal is not recycled?
Metals that are made from hazardous materials cannot be recycled and must be disposed of appropriately. That would include metals like mercury, lead, and uranium.
Is collecting scrap metal risky?
It can be. There are risks on several different levels. First, you would need to avoid injury if you are taking items apart to get at the scrap metal. You’ll also want to be wary of dealing with metals that are made from hazardous materials. You can eliminate these kinds of risks by hiring a Clutter Trucker to work on your behalf.